We utilize an inside-out approach, starting at the foundation to reveal the DNA that binds the organization together.

We reinforce the intentions behind operational policies + procedures, creating digestible material that employees can embrace and implement in their work. Tapping into the emotions + purpose behind safety ensures that employees are thinking and acting in a state of constant awareness to help create an environment that is safe for themselves and their colleagues, with the ultimate goal of getting home safely every day, every time.


Belief Systems

To drive effective and lasting change in safety behavior, we believe that knowing the true underlying identity at the organization’s core is crucial.

  • Understanding “the who” (unique, enduring, and distinct characteristics)

  • Understanding “the how” (key behaviors + action pathways)

  • Understanding “the why” (purpose + values)



Performance Expectations

Creating and developing the right mindset + behaviors that will help drive personal commitment to working safely.

  • Identifying key safety behaviors + ways of thinking

  • Building + integrating a safe-thinking mindset

  • Moving from compliance to commitment



We establish a baseline measure using our survey tool, Positively Safety, to help expose performance gaps and help identify the action steps to take.

  • Integrating belief systems + performance expectations

  • Aligning people + safety behaviors

  • Closing the safety performance gaps



HumanizING Safety

We convert company-wide safety programs to personalized human programs, infusing a common vernacular and designing digestible material that brings safety to life.

  • Developing enterprise-wide safety initiatives

  • Leveraging creativity + design to improve engagement

  • Executing + sustaining ongoing safety efforts